Browntown Baptist Church

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Browntown Baptist Church
12 Browntown Road
Browntown, Virginia 22610
(540) 635-5924
Dr. Michael A. Normoyle, Pastor
Worship: Sundays at 11:00am


Thank you for visiting our website. While we may be a small rural church, we are big in love and fellowship. We invite anyone who is looking for a church home and/or who may want to just hear God's word in an atmosphere filled with the love of Jesus Chris to come during worship on Sunday morning at 11:00am.

Our church family is going through a very difficult time right now as our Pastor has been very ill the last 8 months. He and his wife Vicki need prayer, love and support. We are very thankful to those church members  and outside pastors who have stepped in to continue Sunday Services for us and the community.

May God Bless you,

Members of Browntown Baptist Church



Lead by on of our Church Members

Regina Cardwell

All are invited to breakfast that begins at 9:30am. Taste the many foods made special by our members for you. Afterwards please join us for an Easter Service lead by Dr. Mark Jordan.


April 27

Browntown Community Center 


Browntown Baptist Church Fellowship Hall